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Many young people, who have the ability to attend post secondary institutions, will not get that opportunity because of limited family financial resources.  The Rotary Club of Calgary at Stampede Park / Richardson GMP Stay-In-School Scholarship Fund is designed to provide the financial support for some of these students.

In addition to the winners, we believe that all grade six students attending Sherwood and Falconridge schools have been motivated by the program to consider a Post Secondary education.  Improved morale of teachers and a greater awareness by parents of educational opportunities available to their children is also an outcome of the program.



The Rotary Club of Calgary at Stampede Park and Richardson GMP provided the initial funding for the program and continue to support the program financially.   However the program has received substantial support from non-Rotarians as well.  In 2005, Mr. Donald Gray, President of Peyto Energy and Mr. Grant Smith of the Petrie Foundation donated funds to the program.  In addition to the generous support from individuals, the Rotary Club of Calgary at Stampede Park holds a Charity Golf Tournament each year to add to our investment account.  Supreme Windows Ltd. is our golf tournament's major corporate sponsor.  The proceeds annually are in excess of $125,000.00.

The funds are in low risk investments that are managed by Richardson GMP and overseen by a committee of Rotarians.  At present the fund is over $3,000,000 with a goal of $4,000,000 by the year 2018.  The interest obtained from the investments will provide the $30,000.00 required for each scholarship winner.


Two students, one a boy and one a girl, are chosen from each of our selected schools.  Student selection is based on two main factors:

1) The student must have the academic ability to graduate from senior high school and meet the post secondary entrance requirements, and

2) The student must come from a family that is financially challenged

The candidates for the scholarship complete an application form along with a written statement.  All applicants have their application screened by a committee of Rotarians who short list the top four candidates in each class.  This committee then interviews the four finalists, along with their parents, and the winners are declared.  Each June the winners, for that year, are introduced to the Rotary Club of Calgary at Stampede Park at a special luncheon. 


The students selected for the program are placed with a Rotarian who mentors them throughout the balance of their time in the program.  This ensures that the students continue to obtain high marks and keep focused on remaining in school.  The scholarship provides up to $7,500.00 per year for tuition and textbook costs.  The money is not given to the student but is sent directly to the post secondary institution.  The first two student entered post secondary programs in 2007 and graduated in 2011.


Since the inception of the program in 2001 to the present we have 50 students in the program.  The success of the program can be attributed to those who have donated generously to the fund and to the large number of volunteers, especially the mentors, who give their time living up to Rotary’s motto of “Service Above Self”



For more information please contact us:  stayinschool@rotarycs.org