May 21st, 2020
My fellow Rotarians and friends,
I shook hands with a stranger the other day and it just felt right. Why? Because we both commented on it right after it happened - had a chuckle and felt good about rekindling that small part of humanity in our lives. We had had a great chat and he was a good guy.
As we continue through the 8th?- 9th?week of this “event” it seems we are on the road back to normal life. For all those who echo the, “things will never be normal again” rhetoric - let’s just see what happens!
Good news continues to emanate from all over. Last week I mentioned Paris was alive again and this week all major sports teams are mere days away from announcing their respective plans to begin playing again. No more Netflix!!!!!
Here in Alberta - Calgary particularly - we are also only a few days away from the wheels being pushed forward. My barber and Dentist (both of which I am in need of!) are first on my list to visit.
Of course, caution is still necessary but so nice to see common sense is not a lost trait! My whole point here is, especially for us here in Alberta the timing of the good news, coupled with the fairer weather makes for a supercharged Western attitude and spirit!
Today we also had some really good Rotary news. Our Club chose to recognize Ron Prokosch’s tireless efforts with regard to our Youth Exchange Program by renaming a Scholarship in his honor.
The ROTEX Youth Exchange Scholarship will now be known as the Ronald Prokosch Youth Exchange Scholarship!
Having been involved with YEX as a Chair and Counsellor, I’ve seen first hand the countless hours of time and effort Ron has put into this Program. He single handedly pumped life back into it when the program needed it most. I am very proud to have the honor of announcing this most deserved award.
There is also a most touching video that was developed by our own team of Jamie Moorehouse and Steve Mason. They were inspired by an idea born out of the thoughtfulness of several - but I single out Bryan Walton, Dorothea Schaab and Walter Flores for their special part in the idea for this tribute. As of this writing I don’t know if Ron has given the OK to share it with the rest of membership. It is his choice and I completely agree. Every student was doing this for no one else but Ron and that my friends - is Rotary!
Be well, all.
E. Chas. Filipski, Jr.