Aug 27, 2020 11:55 AM
ZOOM MEETING: Jocelyn Hastie


Ensure every member is aware of learning experiences available to them within their club & District events. Maintain a balance between on-line learning & personal contact for members, ensuring no club or member is left without support. Enhance understanding of real-world benefits of Pathways Learning Experience and support members in completing goals in the traditional program. share value of Toastmasters experience with members & public. Support Toastmasters’ core values of integrity, respect, service & excellence by welcoming & acting on feedback from members & executives.



I have experienced the value of the Toastmasters program first-hand and believe in its excellence in developing powerful communicators and leaders. I believe the Pathways Learning Experience is a leap forward in making our program relevant in the modern world. I support members in completing their educational goals on the current path in the final year of the transition period. I commit to mentoring others as I have been mentored by sharing my business leadership and management experience.