Jun 10, 2021
Peter Tertzakian

Meet Peter Tertzakian

“There has to be a better way to discuss energy issues.”

Peter has devoted his career to understanding our energy story. As a geophysicist and economist, he’s developed ways to promote critical thinking about energy and the forces of change at work in our energy world. As an author, he’s written two bestsellers: A Thousand Barrels a Second and The End of Energy Obesity. Now, with Energyphile, Peter has reimagined the way we discuss energy issues.

Peter is also a collector of stories and things. It’s this unique collection that inspires Energyphile’s stories: creative non-fiction that draws on historical anecdotes and artifacts from his personal museum and the world at large.

His juxtaposition of stories from the past with our current energy situation gets people talking about energy, the environment, business and the economy. The resulting discussion is wide-ranging, rational and civil.

Peter takes great hope in seeing neurons start firing as people understand how the past relates to the present and how the two pieces come together to help them consider the road ahead.